(Un)Rule Of Law and the Underprivileged In Latin America

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This thorough discussion of the idea of "democracies without citizenship" in Latin America considers overcoming political violence and discrimination and analyzes various avenues to institutional judicial reform. The (Un)Rule of Law and the Underprivileged in Latin America, as the fourth part of Project Latin America 2000 from the Helen Kellogg Institute, enlarges the understanding of significant political, economic, and social issues facing Latin America at the threshold of a new century. The contributors develop arguments around the Latin American system of law which only punishes the poor and marginalized. In addressing lawless violence, the contributors argue that it is no longer the democratic state that directly commits the abuses. Instead, it fails to control arbitrary practices of its own agents and to challenge those who flaunt disregard for the law. The collection demonstrates that it is impossible to separate judicial reform from human rights and argues that justice must be made accessible to the poor and that governments make a serious and comprehensive commitment to social reform. ...

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    Author: Edited by  Juan E. Mendez , Edited by  Guillermo A. O'Donnell , Edited by  Paulo Sergio Pinheiro
    Format: Paperback
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    "This book is an excellent compilation of work by today's foremost scholars and activists in human rights in Latin America. These authors offer a thoughtful account of some of the most pressing problems in the region-including lack of accountability, police brutality, and the need for judicial reform-and provide a compelling debate on how to improve the promotion of human rights in the hemisphere." -Jose Miguel Vivanco, Executive Director, Americas Division, Human Rights Watch "Anyone who assumes that redemocratization has done much to advance the rule of law must consult the papers in this collection. . . This volume does not explain, it describes and prescribes but does so richly and soberly. A fine acquisition for all academic collections." -Choice "The......

    More Product Information 2: About Juan E. Mendez
    Juan E. Mendez is Executive Director of the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights.
    The late Guillermo O'Donnell was the Helen Kellogg Professor of Government and International Studies at the University of Notre Dame....