"Times Are Altered with Us" : American Indians from First Contact to the New Republic

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"Times Are Altered with Us": American Indians from Contact to the New Republic offers a concise and engaging introduction to the turbulent 300-year-period of the history of Native Americans and their interactions with Europeans and then Americans from 1492 to 1800. * Considers the interactions of American Indians at many points of "First Contact" across North America, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific and Atlantic Coasts * Explores the early years of contact, trade, reciprocity, and colonization, from initial engagement of different Indian and European peoples Spanish, French, Dutch, English, and Russian up to the start of tenuous and stormy relations with the new American government * Charts the rapid decline in American Indian populations due to factors including epidemic Old World diseases, genocide and warfare by explorers and colonists, tribal warfare, and the detrimental effects of resource ruination and displacement from traditional lands * Features a completely up-to-date synthesis of the literature of the field * Incorporates useful student features, including maps, illustrations, and a comprehensive and evaluative Bibliographical Essay * Written in an engaging style by an expert in Native American history and designed for use in both the U.S. history survey as well as dedicated courses in Native American studies ...

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    Author: By (author)  Roger M. Carpenter
    Format: Paperback
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    "Times Are Altered with Us" American Indians from Contact to the New Republic presents a concise and engaging introduction to the turbulent 300-year-period of history of Native American-European engagement from 1492 until 1800. Historian and Native American expert Roger Carpenter takes the reader on a sweeping narrative journey of the early years of conquest and colonization, showing how American Indians went from being greeted by and engaged in trade with Europeans to an ultimate clash of cultures and civilization......

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    List of Illustrations xi List of Maps xiii Introduction 1 1 1492 and Before 8 Before Europeans 8 Invasions of America 12 Rewriting History 15 The Bering Strait Theory 15 Culture Areas 17 The Development of Maize 19 The Southwest 19 The Eastern Woodlands 20 Native American Population before 1492 22 Native Americans and Old World Diseases 24 The Columbian Exchange 25 2 Encountering the Spanish 29 Panfilo de Narvaez 29 Cabeza de Vaca 34 The De Soto Expedition 37 Mabila 39 The Death of De Soto 40 Coronado 41 On to Quivera 43 Bartolome de Las Casas 44 The Black Legend 44 La Florida 45 New Mexico 47 Acoma 48 Converting the Pueblo 48 The Pueblo Revolt 50 3 Encounters with the French 53 Verrazzano s Voyage 55 Cartier 57 Huguenots in F......

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    Roger M. Carpenter is Associate Professor of History at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, where he teaches Native American and Early American History. He is the author of The Renewed, the Destroyed, and the Remade: The Three Thought Worlds of the Huron and the Iroquois, 1609-1650 (2004) and American Indian History Day by Day: A Reference Guide to Events (2012). ...