...no, not one

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Maliin, the sinister demonic overlord of Prescott, Georgia has big plans for the humble little parish of First Baptist. With his motley cabinet of miscreant cohorts and his dismal army of darkness, he intends to hand over control of the church to the Great Traitor, himself. Suddenly, a dynamic young eschatology professor from Atlanta, a local run-away convert, and a mysterious stranger with no past, no last name, and no fingerprints are getting in the way of his satanic coup. Book two in the Prescott Series picks up the amazing chronicles of Lewis Stapleton as he settles into his new job at Josiah Reformation Theological Seminary, fresh from his adventures in the prequel installment, Behold... Dr. Stapleton immediately has his hands full as he takes on a Sunday school class full of rambunctious teenagers, befriends a hapless young religious exile, and winds up on a youth minister's hit list. Bridging the events of two exciting chapters in this thrilling series, ...no, not one holds its own as a powerful story of faith, integrity, and acceptance that combines the adventure of spiritual warfare with the drama of prodigal reconciliation that speaks to anyone who's ever felt let down by the church. ...

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    Author: By (author)  Jai Anthony-Lewis Husband
    Format: Paperback