#JesusRevolution : Real & Radical

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Our young people desperately need to meet Jesus the radical--the way their hippie forebearers did fifty years ago during the Jesus revolution. Back then tens of thousands of young people gave up their psychedelic drugs and 'free love' to run after something more authentic and life-changing--Jesus! They're about to do it again. His love will ensure they do. All the signs point to our being on the cusp of a new Jesus revolution, which are laid out in fascinating detail in this book. - Learn what the hippie revival looked like fifty years ago - Gain insight into the worldview of millennials and the culture they live in - Discover what inspires young radicals to seek the true Radical The Jesus revolution of the '60s and '70s was missed by many Christian churches because they weren't ready to focus on what really mattered--God's heart-to-heart connection with them--sadly missing its full impact. You can prevent history from being repeated by understanding the times and readying your church for what God will do amongst the young people of today. ...

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    Author: By (author)  Cindy McGarvie
    Format: Paperback
    Language: English
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    'Youth for Christ has always been cognisant of cultural relativity, hence its slogan Geared to the times and anchored to the Rock. This book takes a look at youth culture fifty years ago when revival broke out amongst the disaffected hippie generation and compares that era to the youth culture of today. There are many striking similarities. Those who have been praying for a movement of young people to rise up and boldly proclaim Jesus will be greatly encouraged.
    Even though Cindy McGarvie writes from an Australian perspective, I believe her message needs to be heard globally. Her candid analysis is both scary and exciting. If you have been feeling lost in the fog of making sense of today's youth culture, take the time to read this short book and think.' - Dave B......