!Eso no es normal!

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The elephant has a very long trunk. With it he helps all his friends, but the hippopotamus always mocks him and says: "that's not normal!' But what is "normal"? Mar Pavon has published books in English, Italian, French, Dutch, Korean, and Chinese. She has been awarded six prestigious awards at the International Latino Book Awards, the IPPY Awards, and was a three-time winner of the Living Now Awards. Laure Dufay is a French illustrator. She has been published in France, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, and China. ...

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    Author: By (author)  Mar Pavon , Illustrated by  Laure Du Fay
    Format: Hardback
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    El elefante tenía una trompa muy, muy larga., ¡larguísima! –¡Eso no es normal! Duchaba, secaba y perfumaba con ella a su elefantito. –¡Eso no es normal! Ayudaba al chimpancé más anciano a subir al árbol. –¡Eso no es normal! ...

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    "Elephant is blue, animals move on two legs and talk to one another, and Zebra has removable stripes--all of which underlines the text's implied messages that normality is highly relative and it is not a good idea to ridicule those who are different." - Booklist "A charming story for younger readers that makes clear in a clever way that there really isn't such a thing as "normal," this choice is lovely." - Kendal Rautzhan, Books to Borrow, Books to Buy; nationally syndicated newspaper column "THAT'S NOT NORMAL has a some terrific messages while also being a fun story. I especially enjoyed the whimsical illustrations. Isn't the elephant on the cover absolutely adorable?....focuses on self-confidence and diversity by showing that being different is a strength, not a weakn......

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    Mar Pavon: She has published several children's books as well as poems and stories. She has published books in English, Italian, French, Dutch, Korean and Chinese. She has been awarded six prestigious awards at the International Latino Book Awards, IPPY Awards and the Living Now Awards in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Laure Dufay: She studied illustration in the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg. She lives in Paris. She has published comics in France and Italy, but her main focus is picture books for kids. She has published in France, Spain, Holland, Switzerland and China. ...