#drug (Hindi Edition)

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Hindi version of: President Kush makes the risky 28th Amendment in the U.S. to make drugs illegal like the 18th banned alcohol in America. He sends a devastating paramilitary group (ReVeCa) to take care of some 'bad hombres' in Mexico. Demetria a 17 year old loses her wonderful family to (ReVeCa) in a bloodbath before her wedding to Macerio. Drug prices skyrocket as Americans rob banks and kidnap the rich to afford drugs after the amazing job that (ReVeCa) does to end the drug flow to America. Many refugees flee the violence to America. Money laundering moves to China along with lots of investments from the rich. President Kush offers Demetria a chance to get revenge and regain her father's old drug cartel. In exchange for sending planes full of drugs from Mazatlan to the U.S. she will earn immunity. Demetria is not interested in such a deal until something happens to alter her world. ...

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    Author: By (author)  I D Oro
    Format: Paperback
    Language: Hindi