?ABUSOS?... A M?, ?NO!
30.18 30.18 30.18 USD
«¿Quieres ayudar a los niños y niñas a prevenir los abusos sexuales pero no sabes cómo?». En este libro encontrarás varias herramientas con información para contar a los pequeños, y no tan pequeños, un juego, dos cuentos para diferentes edades, así como indicaciones para los adultos sobre cómo abordar este tema, información para detectarlo o sospechar si pudiera estar ocurriendo.  ...
Sex Education. En la ciudad
36.46 36.46 36.46 USD
Llega la novela de la serie de Netflix de éxito Sex Education. El viaje que nunca olvidarán.
La segunda temporada fue vista en más de 40 millones de hogares en sus primeras cuatro semanas en Netflix.
Gran presencia en las redes sociales, con más de 3 millones de seguidores en Instagram.
"¡Sí!", gritó Eric muy excitado, deslizándose en el asiento trasero."¡UN VIAJE EN COCHE!". Otis hizo una mueca y Maeve le lanzó una mirada letal antes de ocupar el asiento del copiloto y cerrar de un portazo. Aimee giró la llave de contacto y el coche arrancó...Sean se ha codeado con un grupo de niños ricos que van de fiesta en fiesta y que ahora lo acusan de haber cometido un delito. Las pru......
¡Hola, consentimiento! : cómo decir que no, cuándo decir que sí y todo lo que hay entre medias
36.23 36.23 36.230000000000004 USD
Una guia inclusiva, sincera y divertida sobre el consentimiento para preadolescentes y adolescentes de cualquier género.
Un libro para explorar las reglas invisibles que rigen el consentimiento y las relaciones respetuosas, escrita por las creadoras de ¡Hola, menstruación! Con anécdotas en primera persona de adolescentes reales y consejos de expertos en salud y sexualidad de los adolescentes, ayudará a lectoras y lectores a decidir cuándo decir no, o sí.
Este libro es para mí si:
-Tengo curiosidad por cómo funciona eso del consentimiento.
-Voy a ir pronto a la peluquería o al médico sin que nadie me acompañe.
-Puede que me bese con alguien o tenga una relación en el futuro (aunque aún no haya llegado el momento).
-No sé cómo HABLAR sobre el consentimiento.
-Me cuesta decir que no.
-No sé cuándo decir que sí....
Teenage Sexuality
68.56 68.56 68.56 USD
This must-have volume explores issues related to the controversial subject of teenage sexuality, through a collection of balanced articles from a variety of sources. Articles contained in this book examine several topics, including the major factors that influence teenage sexuality, including parents and peers. Readers will evaluate significant teen sexuality issues, the role of society in teaching teens about sex, and society's response to teenage sexual activity. ...
67.31 67.31 67.31 USD
Abortions have been conducted across several cultures, since ancient times, earlier than 1075 B.C. This globally-conscious volume explores attitudes, policies and laws regarding abortion around the world. Chapters explain the stance of each of the world's major religions on abortion, as well as the impact of civil laws prohibiting abortion in several countries. Also discussed is the practice of sex selection using abortion or developing technologies, and the value of sex education in reducing abortion rates. ...
59.14 59.14 59.14 USD
While childbirth is one of the most natural acts a human can experience, there are a lot of issues surrounding it. Should fathers be present at childbirth? Are grandmothers a burden or helpful during childbirth? Do birth plans improve childbirthing or over-complicate it? Are epidurals safe for pain management? These and other questions are debated and answered so that readers will think critically about their own opinions on each topic. Sources include Childbirth Connection, The Kathi Carlisle Fountain, Fatherhood Institute, Carolynn Bauer Zorn, and Rebecca Eckler. ...
Teaching AIDS
41.83 41.83 41.83 USD
Teaching AIDS begins with a discussion of how teachers can create an environment of support for an AIDS education programme. Recognizing that AIDS education must differ for students of different age groups, the author presents tailored, age-appropriate content - what and how teachers should communicate AIDS information to young children, older children and teenage students.Teaching AIDS also addresses actual methods teachers can use to influence their students' attitudes and behaviour by helping them to recognize problem situations in which risks might arise, and presenting them with the actual skills they need to protect themselves in such situations. ...
Sexualitat im Jugendalter
10.96 10.96 10.96 USD
Zusammenfassung aus dem Jahr 2019 im Fachbereich Pädagogik - Allgemein, Note: 1,7, Universität zu Köln, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Das zentrale Thema der hier zusammengetragenen Vorlesungsstunde ist die Sexualität von Jugendlichen zwischen 13 und 17 Jahren. Am Ende der Stunde soll den Studierenden deutlich werden, wie man mit pubertierenden Schülerinnen und Schülern über Sexualität sprechen kann. Jungen haben mehr Verkehrsunfälle, gehen seltener zum Arzt und sind bei Suizidversuchen eher erfolgreich. Männliche Peers definieren sich über Feedback ob man cool ist. Die Männlichkeit wird hier herausgearbeitet. Mädchen hingegen haben ein höheres Körperbesorgnis, gehen häufiger zum Arzt und ihre Suizidversuche scheitern häufiger als bei Jungs. Ihr Verhalten ist intrinsisch motiviert (nach innen getragen). Ihre Peer ist selten hierarchisch, es wird sich mehr kommunikativ geeinigt, keine gibt den Ton an. Es großen Problem beim Unterrichtsthema Sexualität ist, dass Lehrende und Schülerinnen und Schüler miteinander nicht über Sex sprechen. Es wird wohl kaum ein Lehrer seine Schülerin fragen, wie der Sex mit ihrem Freund gestern war und andersherum ebenfalls nicht. Das Thema ist tabu und mit einem großen Schamgefühl verbunden. ...
28.99 28.99 28.990000000000002 USD
Where does life begin and how does it grow Follow your animal guides as they learn how to make a baby. They will need to know all about life cycles inheritance classification and reproduction as they try to bring new life into this world.|Where does life begin and how does it grow Follow your animal guides as they learn how to make a baby. They will need to know all about life cycles inheritance classification and reproduction as they try to bring new life into this world. ...
Body Book : Private Parts Have a Reason
18.58 18.58 18.580000000000002 USD
Why do I have private parts? Why do private parts like touching so much? What are the safe touching rules that every child should follow? Body Book Private Parts Have a Reason provides the answers. Children are naturally curious about their body and have regular questions about their sexual body parts. Discussions about sexuality are often the most challenging for parents as they attempt to strike the balance of providing age appropriate information. This book will assist parents in sharing information with their preschool and school age child including the private part touching rules. It allows parents a forum to teach their children the science behind the rules they are encouraging their child to follow in a fun factual way. Children are natural rule followers and with the necessary information and caregiver guidance they will be able to follow the safe touching rules throughout their lifetime. Have fun and play safe... ...
Couples by Intention : Creating and Cultivating Relationships that Matter
23.80 23.80 23.8 USD
Wouldn't it be great if relationships came easy? What if we all just knew intuitively what to do to make our marriages and committed partnerships the absolute best and deepest that they could be? But the reality is that none of us are pros, and even our best relationships can go deeper. We often use love and sex as measurements for how developed our relationships are, but in reality, the glue between us is being intentional with one another, and learning to use curiosity as a strategic relationship tool. Couples by Intention lets you eavesdrop on a handful of intrepid couples as they engage in twelve intense weeks of group counseling. As you listen to their stories, you'll learn how to stay interested in your partner in the good times, how to communicate in the stressful seasons, and how to keep your love alive in the normalcy of everyday life. Come join and explore how to make your relationship last for the long haul! ...
18.94 18.94 18.94 USD
La educación sexual se puede dar a conocer exclusivamente a nivel académico, con un detallado estudio químico, físico y biológico de su contenido o, como en el presente libro que, sin descuidar en absoluto estas informaciones científicas, se presenta con un lenguaje muy actual, vivo y lleno de buen humor. ...
29.83 29.83 29.830000000000002 USD
Endlich ein cooles Buch über Sex für alle ab 14 Jahren!
Was passiert beim ersten Mal? Wie bekommt man einen Orgasmus? Können Mädchen ejakulieren? Woher weiß ich, ob ich schwul bin? Was ist ein Cunnilingus? Und eine 69? Was, wenn das Kondom reißt?
Diese und viele andere Fragen beantwortet die spanische YouTuberin Chusita jungen Leser*innen in ihrem Buch, das kein Blatt vor den Mund nimmt. Doch vor allem geht es darum, den eigenen Körper kennenzulernen und zu erfahren, was Lust macht. Mit Illustrationen im Comicstil vermittelt dieses Buch vorurteilsfrei und auf Augenhöhe, wie man Spaß an Sex haben kann, und behandelt die Fragen, wann, wie und mit wem....
Sex Without Intercourse
18.19 18.19 18.19 USD
The book is designed to be a lighthearted insight into ways of experimenting with sex and pleasuring your partner, whilst at the same time reducing the risk of pregnancy and STDs. It's not a manual, but a guide for those that may want to experiment with sex to show that intercourse isn't the most important factor. There are other ways of enjoying each other's body whilst minimizing the risk of unwanted pregnancy and STDs. It's aimed at teenagers from early teens upwards. Many parents find it difficult to talk to their kids about sex. It may be they think there is an age when this should be done and just never get around to it. It may be the child passes that age in maturity before they reach it in years--in which case by the time the parent gets around to "the talk," the child is actually too old and the parent just doesn't bother. Often the child will insist, "I already know all that," so the parent doesn't bother. They may think they know. It may be they know what their friends have mentioned or discussed together. Either way, unless you know what they know, you can't be sure that they do. This book may help parents if they find themselves in any of these situations. ...
A Curriculum of Courage : Making SafeArt
58.36 58.36 58.36 USD
How can we teach prevention, healing skills, and self-advocacy to the next generation--including those who have suffered the deep wounds of trauma and abuse?
How can we guide young people toward becoming independent, self-confident adults?
How do we foster healing in adults who have experienced traumatic abuse and support them in breaking the cycle?...
Let's talk about porn! Auswirkungen von Pornografie auf das Sexualempfinden von Jugendlichen
58.51 58.51 58.51 USD
"Generation Porno" - durch die leichte Zugänglichkeit zu harter Pornografie ist dieser einschlägige Begriff für Jugendliche des Jahres 2016 bereits etabliert. Dabei liegt in Österreich bisher keine einzige repräsentative Studie zum Pornokonsum bei Jugendlichen und seinen Auswirkungen vor. Die Arbeit widmet sich daher dem Themenkomplex Pornografie und Sexualempfinden von Jugendlichen. Die Untersuchung gliedert sich in drei wesentliche Teile. Zunächst werden Begriffsbestimmungen vorgenommen, um anschließend die Konzepte Sexualität und Pornografie zu behandeln sowie Pornografie und Sexualität als untrennbare Kombination zu diskutieren. Der empirische Teil beinhaltet schließlich eine quantitative Fragebogenerhebung sowie zwei qualitative Gruppendiskussionen. Aus dem Inhalt: - Sexualempfinden von Jugendlichen - Pornografie und Sexualität - Motive für den Pornokonsum - Funktionen von Pornografie und Sexualität ...
Hearts : The Adult Coloring Book of Love's Journey
32.10 32.10 32.1 USD
Lose yourself in the perfect blend of romance, poetry, and relaxation in Hearts: The Adult Coloring Book of Love's Journey. Single-Sided Designs are Top-Bound: Convenient for left- or right-handed coloring Each top-bound, single-sided design in this beautiful book reveals the many moods and passions of love. Over 50 Full-Page Scenes of Varying Skill LevelsPerfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike, enjoy coloring more than 50 full-page designs from the author's pen drawings. Whether you are new to coloring books or have been doing them for a while, this book provides you with hours of an enjoyable stress-relieving activity. ExtrasPoems and writing prompts accompany the designs to unleash your creative spirit as you bring the scenes to colorful life. Special color swatch pages in the back of the book provide ample space for testing your pencils and pens while providing easy access to finding your favorite colors. Tags: hearts, hearts adult coloring book, love's journey, hearts adult coloring book, hearts coloring book for adults, grownups, colouring book, women, valentines coloring book, valentines day, holiday gift, romance, romantic, word play, pun, gift, sweet, desire, poetry, love poem, young love, new lov......
Consent : The New Rules of Sex Education: Every Teen's Guide to Healthy Sexual Relationships
19.32 19.32 19.32 USD
A contemporary guide to sex education that answers the most pressing questions teens and young adults have about dating, relationships, consent, and sexual safety. There's a lot to talk about when it comes to sex education - anatomy, communication, safety, and more. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Jennifer Lang delivers a frank, compassionate, and evidence-based guide to healthy sexual relationships, focusing on the crucial role of consent in sex education. A board-certified OB-GYN, Dr. Lang breaks down confusing concepts into factual and clear guidance. She outlines not only what consent looks and sounds like, but the importance of recognizing when a person has the capacity to give consent, and when they don't. Written for all teens, and inclusive of all sexual identities and orientations, Consent is a reference guide to healthy sexual expression and relationships. This book's approach to sex education covers: ...
Big Little Talks : A Sex-Positive Approach For Parenting
18.05 18.05 18.05 USD
Empowering your kids to approach sexuality responsibly can lead to positive outcomes. This book was written to make "the talk" with your kids easier. After listening to the TED Radio Hour segment, "Peggy Orenstein: How Should We Talk To Our Kids About Sex?", Michael Gene was inspired to speak to his own daughter and to write a book that would help other parents with this difficult task. Big Little Talks can be used as a script to get the "the talk" started or your child can read it themselves. Topics include our bodies, pleasure, consent, safety, and relationships. Many young people engage in sexual behavior before their brains have developed fully and they understand all of the risks. Having made the mistake of sexual misconduct when he was a teen in high school, Gene knows the painful guilt and regret of these situations firsthand. He wants others to avoid becoming a victim or a perpetrator and enjoy the healthy relationships they deserve. Giving kids accurate information can help them navigate the complexities of becoming sexually active. ...
LGBTQ+ Discrimination
37.43 37.43 37.43 USD
In order to thrive, young people need to be surrounded by an environment of positivity. They need to feel secure and supported by their friends, family, and the community. Sadly, many LGBTQ teens feel isolated and unsafe. This helpful guide is designed to give LGBTQ teenagers the support and resources they need to feel not only accepted, but also confident and empowered. Readers with questions about sexuality and identity will find the answers they need. With relevant narrative examples and helpful resources, this text addresses the challenges that LGBTQ people face and provides insight into how to cope with discrimination, find support, and create change. ...
Civil Rights Stories: LGBTQ+ Rights
27.91 27.91 27.91 USD
This book explains civil rights, and the reasons why LGBTQ+ people have had to fight for equal rights, in an accessible way for younger readers.
Included is a foreword by Amy Lame, who is a prominent LGBTQ+ activist and advocate, broadcaster and London Night Czar.
This chronological selection of key civil rights moments and movements explains in a child-friendly way the reasons why LGBTQ+ people have faced prejudice, violence and closed minds, and the ways they have overcome many obstacles on the path to equality. It looks at historical examples, such as attitudes in ancient Egypt and early LGBTQ+ organisations, along with modern events, such as the alarm over the cause of HIV/AIDS, Pride marches, same-sex marriage and transgender rights.
Prominent civil rights campaigners and figures are featured and a timeline helps readers to see at a glance how the fight for LGBTQ+ rights has evolved over time. Sensitive illustrations illuminate the text and help readers to understand some of the harder concepts. Death and violence are mentioned, but are wholly in context and are written about in a non-alarmist way with the age of the reader very much in mind. ...
Understanding Reproductive Health
50.84 50.84 50.84 USD
This title explores the importance of knowing your options and advocating for your own reproductive health needs. It also offers suggestions on how to talk to others and combat stigma about reproductive health. Features include an ask the expert section, tips on being healthy, a glossary, additional resources, and an index. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Essential Library is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO. ...
Healthy Romantic Relationships
50.84 50.84 50.84 USD
This title explores the excitement and heartache of young love. From first crushes to long-term commitment, it offers helpful suggestions to keep a romance healthy. Features include an ask the expert section, tips on being healthy, a glossary, additional resources, and an index. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Essential Library is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO. ...
Baby Goes Home : A journey through the NICU, home
28.10 28.10 28.1 USD
Lianne Totty a children book author looking to use her past experiences to help others cope. She hopes to help plant the seeds of hope and peace in the hearts of those who have an extended NICU stay ahead or have experienced loss. Lianne Totty is a Patient Services Administrator at a major teaching hospital in Washington DC. After battling infertility and multiple losses in 2016, Lianne and her husband delivered her miracle baby at 27 weeks and spent 6 terrifying months in the Neonatal Intensive care Unit (NICU) at that hospital, eventually losing the baby. That sent them on an emotional journey that led to her writing the book "Baby Went to Heaven," as a tool for parents who've left toddlers and other small children at home; and must later explain to them why the baby they were all eagerly expecting never comes home. They eventually went on to have another baby who was born at 25 weeks at same hospital but with a much different outcome. Lucas is alive and thriving. He truly is her light. Lianne's story of loss and recovery encompasses the hopes and fears of every parent, a story that those who have suffered the death of a child will relate to. ...
Anxiety in Relationship : The Essential guide to Overcome Anxiety, Jealousy and Negative Thinking. Heal Your Insecurity and Attachment to Establish Relationships Without Couple Conflicts
37.07 37.07 37.07 USD
★ 55% OFF for Bookstores! ★If you want to let go of anxiety and embrace a loving relationship, even if you've never been able to before, then keep reading...
Does he actually love me, or is he just pretending? What if I do something wrong? What if I never find the right person for me? Anxious thoughts and constant worry plague relationships and threaten to tear apart two people before they've even been able to experience the wonder of love. Whether you've lived with anxiety your whole life or recent events have stirred up underlying insecurities, you don't have to accept that the rest of your life will be like this. You can take back control and push anxiety out. If you're tired of living in a constant state of panic, sick of analyzing everything your partner does to determine if they're going to leave, and overwhelmed with the burden of carrying a relationship's worth of worries on your shoulders, it's time to put down your fear.
You deserve a loving, fulfilling relationship in which anxiety plays no part. Anxiety in Relationships aims to tackle the main issues that lead to anxi......
Beziehungsratgeber Buch : Die besten Tipps um Probleme zu loesen - Beziehung retten, fuhren & behalten - Beziehungscheckliste, 10-Punkte-Streitregelliste & 8 Zutaten fur eine perfekte Beziehung & Ehe
26.42 26.42 26.42 USD
Beziehungsratgeber Buch
Die besten Tipps um Probleme zu lösenBeziehung retten, führen & behaltenBeziehungscheckliste, 10-Punkte-Streitregelliste & 8 Zutaten für eine perfekte Beziehung & Ehe
Gibt es einen Weg in eine glückliche Beziehung?
Die Antwort auf die Frage liegt in Ihnen selbst. Eine Beziehung kann sehr schön sein und einen mit unsäglichem Glück erfüllen, aber genauso una......
Civil Rights Stories: LGBTQ+ Rights
17.66 17.66 17.66 USD
This book explains civil rights, and the reasons why LGBTQ+ people have had to fight for equal rights, in an accessible way for younger readers.
Included is a foreword by Amy Lame, who is a prominent LGBTQ+ activist and advocate, broadcaster and London Night Czar.
This chronological selection of key civil rights moments and movements explains in a child-friendly way the reasons why LGBTQ+ people have faced prejudice, violence and closed minds, and the ways they have overcome many obstacles on the path to equality. It looks at historical examples, such as attitudes in ancient Egypt and early LGBTQ+ organisations, along with modern events, such as the alarm over the cause of HIV/AIDS, Pride marches, same-sex marriage and transgender rights.
Prominent civil rights campaigners and figures are featured and a timeline helps readers to see at a glance how the fight for LGBTQ+ rights has evolved over time. Sensitive illustrations illuminate the text and help readers to understand some of the harder concepts. Death and violence are mentioned, but are wholly in context and are written about in a non-alarmist way with the age of the reader very much in mind. ...
Sex Guide : This Book Includes: Sex positions for couples, How to Talk Dirty, Kama Sutra & Tantric Ѕеx. Make Your Partner Deeply Addicted To You With Secret Tips to Transform Your Ѕеx Life.
87.22 87.22 87.22 USD
Is your sex life something that you enjoy, or do you face problems with your performance?
Would you like to transform your sex life and make your partner addicted to you?
This guide provides all the answers!
A good sex life is important in many ways. It provides excitement, enjoyment, opportunities for intimacy and even exercise to a certain extent. Lasting relationships often have a good sex life at their core and people are generally happier when they are able to participate in love making with someone who they feel a bond with. But often, especially as we get older, sex can be a problem. Things like erectile disfunction or premature ejaculation can ruin it if we do not act.This book bundle, Sex Guide: How to Talk Dirty, Sex Positions for Couples, Kama Sutra and Tantric Sex, provide many tools that will help you to regain the sex life you once had, with tips and advice on: ...
Me and My World: My Growing Body
16.06 16.06 16.06 USD
This book is an ideal resource for exploring and discussing the human life cycle and is a great first introduction to changes to the body, puberty, looking after your body and much more. Me and My World explores topics that are important to children aged 6 plus as they grow up. The text and illustrations provide lots of talking points and questions help children to relate information to themselves and discover their similarities and differences. In the classroom, the books are great for exploring the topics in the RSE 2020 curriculum. The titles in the series are Being safe, My behaviour, My family, My friends, My growing body and Life online. ...
War ich auch in Mamas Bauch?
25.52 25.52 25.52 USD
+ Fördert die emotionale Entwicklung von Kindern + Wichtige Sachbücher + Durchgehend detailreich farbig illustriert + Leicht verständliche Texte + Großformatiges Hardcover + Mamas Freundin Lili ist zu Besuch. Lili hat einen ganz runden, ziemlich dicken Bauch. "Da wächst ein Baby drin!", sagt Mama. "War ich denn auch in deinem Bauch?", frage ich. "Na klar!", sagt Mama. "Und war dein Bauch genauso dick wie der von Lili?" Mama lacht. "Ich glaube, mein Bauch war sogar noch etwas dicker. Du warst ja auch ein großes Baby, als du auf die Welt gekommen bist ..." Was könnte spannender sein als die Frage nach dem eigenen Woher? Dieses Buch gibt Anlass, mit Kindern über ein wichtiges Thema zu sprechen. Es nimmt Kinder ernst, die wissen möchten, wie das eigentlich bei ihnen selbst war. ...
Lernwerkstatt - Sexualerziehung in der Grundschule
27.38 27.38 27.38 USD
Kopiervorlagen zum Einsatz in der Freiarbeit/zum Stationenlernen Ein informatives Themenheft zu einem sensiblen, aber wichtigen Thema! Die Kopiervorlagen lassen sich hervorragend in der Freiarbeit und zum Stationenlernen einsetzen! Inhalt: Geschlechtsunterschiede; Geschlechtsmerkmale Zeugung Schwangerschaft Embryonalentwicklung, Geburt, Säugling Sexueller Missbrauch von Kindern Pubertät Geschlechtstypisches Rollenverhalten Freundschaft Liebe Partnerschaft 52 Seiten, mit Lösungen ...
My Body is My Own
19.52 19.52 19.52 USD
My Body is My Own opens young minds to the ideas of setting boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others. By removing the sexual aspects of consent, we are left with lessons of respect and are able to build upon this vital concepts with our little ones longs before they choose to be sexually active. This books invites young children to talk to their trusted adult about their boundaries and discuss what to do if they are uncomfortable. Empowering our children to know that their opinion matters and their body is their own, we are reinforcing the ideas of consent and helping them to protect themselves. This book explains the differences between secrets and privacy, encourages children to decide on who are their trusted adults, and explains how to effectively say "no". The final page of this book is an informational page for adults to think more about how to protect our children so they truly know that their body is their own. ...
Chase : The Step-By-Step Texting Guide To Attract Jaw Dropping Women: The Ultimate Dating Book For Men
23.60 23.60 23.6 USD
Want her to text you back and BEG you to see her again. Did you know that women have these secret filters in their mind that determine if they are going to text you back? Every time you text a woman you go through the same filters which determine if she is going to sleep with you or if you are going to get friend-zoned. Men often have no idea these filters exist but what if I showed you how to pass all of them? Picture this! You are meeting up with your friends at a bar and you walk in with a woman that looks like a Playboy model by your side. Your friend's jaws hit the floor and they look at you with awe. I'm going to show you exactly how to make that a reality. You will NEVER desperately wait for her to text back because you will know once you open your phone you will have a text waiting for you. You're about to discover the untold secrets to making any woman OBSESS over you! I am going to show you EXACTLY how to: - Start a conversation out of thin air whether you're on tinder, Instagram or Facebook -Create intriguing conversations that will have girls replying back within seconds -Build your social media profiles to make women obsessed with you before you even text them -My bulletproof formula to ask any girl out through text and get a "Yes" -Revive conversations that are dying down -My secret technique that will make girls CHASE you! (She won't be able to stop thinking about you) And so much more. Why trust me? Don't listen to me... just look at the reviews! It's time to take action. Are you ready to have a life full of seductive women obsessing over you at the tip of your fingers? ...
Barriga / Belly
20.45 20.45 20.45 USD
A pregnant woman describes her growing belly. ...
Sexuality Education for Students with Disabilities
61.94 61.94 61.940000000000005 USD
Sexuality Education for Students with Disabilities addresses the natural process of maturation and sexual development for SWD. This book presents a balance of theory, research, and practice that will assist teachers, paraprofessionals, school administrators, school counselors, and community service agency providers in understanding the specific needs of SWD as they develop and the roles they should play in teaching students about sexuality. SWD reach the same physical milestones as students who do not have disabilities, however, some disabling conditions can delay successful development of healthy relationships that lead to mutually supportive sexual relationships.
Undergraduate students, graduate students, new and seasoned teachers, school administrators, and social service providers will benefit from this book. Readers who currently work with SWD or will eventually work with SWD need the information in this text to expand their understanding and strategies related to sexuality instruction. Those who develop or implement Individualized Educational Programs can use this text to support goals, objectives, and activities that are found in the transition plan. Those who work in postsecondary settings will find this information helpful in supporting adolescents with disabi......
Que hacen papa y mama?/ What are Mom and Dad Doing?
19.78 19.78 19.78 USD
La Asociación Española de Sexología Clínica ha escrito los textos de esta colección con el fin de responder a la curiosidad de los niños y enseñarles de una forma natural, adaptando cada cuestión a su edad y explicando las cosas de un modo sencillo, aunque riguroso, acompañado además de graciosas ilustraciones. Este libro aborda las relaciones sexuales y afectivas de la pareja, el proceso de fecundación, así como los métodos anticonceptivos. ...
Arousing Sense : Recipes for Workshopping Sensory Experience
129.13 129.13 129.13 USD
Engaging with sensory experience provides a gateway to the contemplation and cultivation of creativity and ideas. Tomie Hahn's workshopping recipes encourage us to incorporate sensory-rich experiences into our research, creative processes, and understanding of people. The exercises recognize that playfulness allows for a loosening of self while increasing empathy and vulnerability. Their ability to spark sensory endeavors that reach into our deepest core offers potentially profound impacts on art making, research, ethnographic fieldwork, contemplation, philosophical or personal introspections, and many other activities. Designed to be flexible, these living recipes provide an avenue for performative adventures that invite us to improvise in ways suited to our own purposes or settings. Leaders and practitioners enjoy limitless arenas for using the senses for explorations that range from personally transformative to professionally productive to profoundly moving. User-friendly and practical, Arousing Sense is a guide to how teaching through sensory experience can lead to positive, transformative impact in the classroom and everyday life. ...
Urban Sex Playbook : The uncensored guide to Transform Your Sex Life, Explore Your Fantasies And rekindle The Passion With Your Partner.
23.80 23.80 23.8 USD
Can sex survive monogamy? Yes, once you learn how to transform your sex life.
The Urban Sex playbook is a must-have for long-term relationship.
This ultimate guide will transform your sex life and elevate your relationship to levels you never thought possible. It holds the key to a heart-pounding adventure for you and your partner to enjoy. It is not a book you read. It's a book you do, while you DO your partner. Enticed yet?...
Lätta sexboken
38.83 38.83 38.83 USD
Lätta sexboken är den första heltäckande sexboken på lättläst svenska. Boken bygger på de många samtal Inti Chavez Perez har haft med ungdomar i sin roll som sexualupplysare. Men även vuxna kan lära sig en del. Lätta sexboken handlar om lust. Kunskap hjälper oss att välja vad vi vill göra med vår lust. I Lätta sexboken får du mängder med fakta och tips kring allt från handsex och samlagsställningar, till hur man trär på en kondom och när man bör testa sig för könssjukdomar. Du kan också läsa om relationer, fördomar, grupptryck och samhällets syn på sex. Och vad gör man egentligen om sex inte känns bra eller om man blir utsatt för våld? Alla är unika. I Lätta sexboken kommer mångfalden till uttryck, både i text och bild. Boken är rikt illustrerad av Sara Teleman. Lätta sexboken vänder sig till ungdomar men passar lika bra för vuxna, att läsa ensam eller tillsammans. Inti Chavez Perez är sexualupplysare, journalist och författare. Boken är rikt illustrerad av Sara Teleman. ...
Du bist kein Werwolf
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Der längste Vollmond des Lebens: die Pubertät! Wie ein Werwolf fühlt man sich in dieser unschönen Zeit: Das Denken verändert sich, der Körper verwandelt sich, es wachsen einem Haare an den unmöglichsten Stellen, und man bekommt eine unbändige Lust auf Fleisch. Die Pubertät kann ein Fluch sein - und niemand bereitet einen so richtig darauf vor. Doch zum Glück gibt es dieses Buch zur gleichnamigen Sendung: Christine Henning und Ralph Caspers ist nichts peinlich, sie beantworten endlich jede Frage rund ums Erwachsenwerden. Die beiden schlendern erhobenen Hauptes durch Gegenden, die andere nur mit hochrotem Kopf betreten, und geben konkrete Tipps und Informationen. Ein idealer Fluchbegleiter durch die Pubertät. ...
Dad's Great Advice for Teens : Stuff Every Teen Needs to Know About Parents, Friends, Social Media, Drinking, Dating, Relationships, and Finding Happiness
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The perfect gift to help a teenager get happy, be successful, and make good decisions.
Being a teen ain't easy. And unfortunately, there aren't any classes to help navigate through those teen years. Luckily, Dad's Great Advice for Teens provides 25 short pieces of unorthodox Great Advice, filled with humor, wisdom, and inspirational quotes, to help teens: Build confidenceBe productive with their timeDevelop close relationshipsMake good decisionsTake smart risksFollow their passionTrust their gutTake action toward their goalsCreate new, positive habitsStay positive when problems ariseMake a difference in the world
Dad's Great Advice for Teens will help teens become the best version of themselves they can possibly be. And because all the Great Advice has been researched and gathered by a dad who tested it successfully on his own teens and others, you can trust that it's for real, and it works.
Recommended reading by some of the most respected teen coaches, this is a must-read manual with all the stuff that every teen needs to know......
The Teen Guide to Sex Without Regrets
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This is a Print on Demand title. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. ...
#Hyväälovee : Paras facktakirja murrosikään
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MITÄ JA MIKÄ ON HYVÄ LOVE? #Hyväälovee on kirja, jollaista ei vielä ole mutta jollaiselle on selvä tilaus ja tarve! Olemme nimittäin sellaisen aiheen ytimessä, joka on valtamedioissa päivittäin: lasten ja nuorten hyvinvointi ja osa-alueet, joista oman identiteetin rakentuminen ja arjessa jaksaminen kumpuavat. Kohderyhmä on laaja, sillä vaikka kirja on kielennetty esiteineille itselleen, lukijoiksi on mietitty myös vanhempia ja opettajia. Kokonaisuus rakentuu novelleista ja faktatiedosta sekä niitä yhdistävistä kuvista ja puhekuplista, joissa ovat äänessä tarinoiden lapset. Novellit ja faktat muodostavat yhdessä kokonaisuuden, jossa käsitellään rohkealla ja tuoreella tavalla teini-ikään liittyviä kysymyksiä. ...
Sex! What's the Point?
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This is a Print on Demand title. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. ...
Ungewollt : Mia und die Teeniefamilie
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Bella Lustig ist Mia Maibaums neue Klassenkameradin und eigentlich recht unauffällig. Heimlich trifft sie sich mit dem Mädchenschwarm der Klasse, Boris Brotmayer. Plötzlich ist sie schwanger, obwohl Herr Knabe doch gerade erst das Studentenprojekt "Mit Sicherheit verliebt" in der Klasse durchführen lassen hat, um Sexualaufklärung zu betreiben. In einem Blitzprojekt bekommen zwölf Schüler einen Baby-Dummy vom Jugendamt, eine Puppe, die schreit, wenn sie versorgt werden will. Doch Bella will ihr Baby trotzdem bekommen. Unglücklicherweise sind ihre Eltern gegen die Schwangerschaft und werfen sie hinaus. Mia will helfen und besorgt Bella einen Platz im Mutter-Kind-Heim. Als das Baby da ist, fühlt sich Bella schnell überfordert, zumal Boris und ihre Eltern nichts mehr von ihr wissen wollen. Und mit einem Mal ist es gar nicht mehr so aufregend, ein Baby zu haben, denn Bella muss sich Tag und Nacht um die Kleine kümmern. Bald ist sie am Ende ihrer Kräfte. Eine Lösung muss her! Werden Mia und Emma helfen können? Dies ist die überarbeitete, neue Auflage 2020 vom sechsten Band der beliebten Mia-Buchreihe - Aufklärung mit Herz! "Schwere Themen leicht gemacht. Lilly Fröhlich scheut sich nicht davor, in ihren Mia-Büchern vermeintliche Tabu-Themen anzusprechen." (Morgenpost) ...
Adios to the Single Life : Record and Track Your Dates Throughout the Year
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Date Book Tracker for Singles Whether you are newly single or have been navigating the dating scene for some time, this handy dating journal is a great way to not just date but date with a purpose. This tracker gives you room to document your dating experience. By keeping a log you can easily see possible themes and help you choose a partner who is in line with your values. With this tracker you can capture: Highlights from each dateAny red flags notedReflect on your past relationshipsand more...
Posiciones Sexuales : La Guia Completa Para El Dominio De La Vida Sexual Con Posiciones Sexuales Mejoradoras Del Orgasmo Incluyendo Ensenanzas Sexuales Del Kama Sutra Y Sexo Tantrico
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¡Descubra exactamente cómo convertirse en un experto en amantes, cumplir los sueños más salvajes de su pareja y crear una vida sexual notable hoy!
¿Quieres llevar tu vida sexual a un nivel notable que nunca creíste posible? ¿Quieres dejar a tu pareja rogando por más? ¿Quieres aprender más de 100 posiciones para mejorar el placer y enseñanzas antiguas increíbles?
Bueno, si respondiste sí a cualquiera de estas preguntas, estás en el lugar correcto....
Adolescent Sexual Health Education : An Activity Sourcebook
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This useful sourcebook contains more than sixty ready-to-use activities to help practitioners educate teens about pregnancy and STD/HIV/AIDS prevention. The activities are drawn from prevention programs around the country that have been scientifically evaluated and proven to change teens' health behaviors.The book is divided into six sections based on activity type: Role plays; Group discussions; Homework assignments; Group activities; Teacher-led discussions; and, Other modalities.Exercises show teens how to: discuss sexual issues and sexuality; negotiate condom use; protect themselves from STIs/HIV/AIDS; and, have a greater understanding of gay, lesbian, and bisexual issues.This wide range of activities can be used by practitioners to develop a sexuality education program from scratch or to supplement an existing program. Most activities can be led by classroom teachers, facilitators, or health educators with no prior experience. The activities are suitable for community-based organizations, health clinics, or classroom settings. ...
Live Well Middle School Health
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Through Live Well: Middle School Health, students will discover fundamentals of health and wellness and learn how to apply these throughout their life span.
The text will help students understand how to do the following: Develop skills for healthy living
Prioritize healthy nutrition, physical activity, and stress management
Avoid destructive habits
Build healthy relationships
Contribute to community and environmental health
Skills Developed...
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Das neue Buch von Louie Läuger zeigt, wie viele verschiedene Möglichkeiten es gibt, sowohl auf wissenschaftlicher als auch auf persönlicher Ebene auf die Frage zu antworten: »Was ist Geschlecht?«
Läuger hinterfragt sowohl die Relevanz vermeintlicher biologischer 'Geschlechtsmerkmale' als auch gesellschaftlich etablierte Geschlechternormen, klärt über den Unterschied zwischen einem biologistischen und einem sozialen Verständnis von Geschlecht auf und widmet sich grundlegenden Begrifflichkeiten wie Intersektionalität, Intergeschlechtlichkeit, Geschlechtsidentität und Geschlechtsausdruck.
In illustrierter Form leitet Louie Läuger selbst durch das Buch und regt - auch durch interaktive Elemente wie Notizzettel oder grafische Veranschaulichungen - nicht nur jüngere Leser*innen dazu an, sich mit diesem sensiblen, vielschichtigen Thema auf eine Art und Weise auseinanderzusetzen, die dazu beiträgt, sich besser in andere Personen hineinzuversetzen und so in einen fairen und emanzipierten Austausch rund um das Thema Geschlecht gehen zu können.
Die empowernden Kernbotschaften des Buches lauten: Geh achtsam und liebevoll mit der Thematik und dir selbst um! Und: Triff deine Entscheid......