Lee Lee and the Traveling Merry-Go-Round
18.78 18.78 18.78 USD
I'm So Special
14.05 14.05 14.05 USD
Aria : A Romantic Suspense Little Mermaid Retelling
28.86 28.86 28.86 USD
Aria Rivera is a Maiden City swimming champion. After taking out the State competition, her father is hungry for more accolades, but Aria is amid an identity crisis. The reminder of a hidden talent and the torment of her mundane life plagues her with insomnia. Aria needs an out, but her lack of education and basic skills shackle her to swimming. When a curious boy steals her attention from an adjacent swimming lane, Aria begins dreaming. A life without the rivalry for attention and medals with her sister Valeria. A life away from her father's strict rules. A life with a spark of romance. But the dreams don't help when her home life is a threat to her physical and mental well-being. Doomed to stay under her parents' roof and deal with Valeria's anger issues, Aria is riddled with sorrow and stress. The boy of her dreams is cursed with the same affliction. When their paths cross, will they be the key to each other's freedom and happiness? The Happily After When series is inspired by fairytales. Each book is based on a different fairytale, and Aria is a modern transformation of The Little Mermaid. The Happily After When series looks at the dangerous lessons fairytales teach young people, including: a woman waiting for a man to rescue her, or young men kissing women without their permission. These books deal with young adult social issues, including: class differences, bullying and racism, lgbt issues, runaways, mental health issues, and domestic violence. They are also contemporary romance stories about beating the odds, with a wholesomeness in an unsettling and dark world. ...
Imagine If God . . .
21.40 21.40 21.400000000000002 USD
Crownless : Hope For A Dying Kingdom A Juvenile Christian Action Adventure Novel
25.73 25.73 25.73 USD
In a kingdom of darkness where everyone is blind, a young girl named Hope is suddenly awoken by a great light. The great light is the King who created the kingdom. He calls her out of the darkness and gives her sight, a weapon of great power, and a task. Her task is to defeat the King's ancient enemy. Scared and alone she starts out on her quest, but along the way, learns about the true meaning of faith, friendship, and sacrifice. Christian Fiction Action Adventure book for Ages 8 to 108 Great gift for Christmas, birthday, Easter, Halloween, or anytime Support independent authors and artists ...
The Know Zone : Book One: In Search of the Perfect Word
21.65 21.65 21.650000000000002 USD
16.50 16.50 16.5 USD
A Trip To See The King
14.94 14.94 14.94 USD
Lisa's Ugly Glasses
15.78 15.78 15.780000000000001 USD
Lisa is 11 years old, loves guinea pigs, and is shy-and not just a little bit shy. She's so shy that her heart practically pounds out of her chest whenever her teacher calls on her in class. Lisa will do anything she can to avoid being noticed. When a pair of glasses with incredible abilities falls into her life, her whole world is turned upside down. For the first time in her life she's motivated to get out of her shell. The only problem: the glasses are ugly-SUPER ugly, and the other kids at school are starting to call her names. But if she's able to gain confidence in herself and ignore the name-callers, those ugly glasses might just change her life. Lisa's Ugly Glasses received a Five Star Review from Readers' Favorite: Review By Tiffany Ferrell for Readers' Favorite: "Lisa is an eleven-year-old fifth grader who has been extremely shy for as long as she can remember. Even getting called on in class causes her to panic. Her friend Jackie is shy as well, and it was only thanks to their parents that the two became friends. One day Lisa finds an ugly pair of glasses in her cubby. They are large and only have one lens, but Lisa is automatically curious about them. After trying them on a few times, she discovers something amazing. The glasses show what people want. Using the ugly frames to guide her, Lisa takes one bold step after another, and soon she begins to make friends and come out of her shell. Shocked that the glasses made things so easy, she also soon finds out that with each person there is more than meets the eye. This also applies to the boy in her class that constantly bullies her. With one pair of broken, ugly glasses, Lisa's life is changed drastically. I thought Lisa's Ugly Glasses by Erica Richardson was a fun and uplifting read. I really liked the main character, Lisa. She's a very interesting girl that many kids would be able to relate to. So many kids have issues with social interaction and making friends. ... The plot is realistic but is easy for a younger audience to follow along. It teaches children a good lesson which is to take a chance on getting to know new people, and that it could be a great experience. I think Erica Richardson has done a wonderful job with Lisa's Ugly Glasses and I can't wait to read more of her work." ...
You can be Anything you Want!
21.14 21.14 21.14 USD
Love Makes Us Brave
19.52 19.52 19.52 USD
"But what do you do when you face a Fear? When the world seems too BIG or too LOUD and unclear?" Orphaned, abandoned, and alone, a little dog is pulled from the shelter and into a warm and loving home - a home that comes with some challenging roommates! Join our little hero as he discovers that even though he's part of a big, loving family, he must still turn his eyes to the one who loves him the most, especially when he faces his first big fear - the cat on the stairs. "Sweet child, you have a Father above who sent you His Son because He is love." His tale models a beautiful truth: we are all loved by a God we can trust. This sweet story is a great way to share that love with your child. ...
The Story of You
19.22 19.22 19.22 USD
In The Story of You, the reader can walk a child through the journey of when they were in the womb. Fill them in with all the wonder of how their little bodies formed and all the exciting events that took place up until the day they were finally lying in their parent's arms. ...
Gramma and Charlotte
18.17 18.17 18.17 USD
Bibel Echt Jetzt
16.25 16.25 16.25 USD
Water for Africa : Bringing Hope and Love to a Thirsty Nation
17.51 17.51 17.51 USD
No water, no dreams. Ashanti has big dreams - bigger than the bucket she hauls her family's water in. Bigger than her tiny African village. Ashanti longs to go to school but her days are spent as the water carrier. With news of the water man's visit to her village, Ashanti's hope is given life. But what happens when no water is found? Will she continue to believe that dreams come true? Water for Africa brings readers into Ashanti's world where one man's desire to please God changes the lives of a community. All proceeds from the sale of this book goes to the Water for Africa organisation. Share a copy with your favourite dreamer, to bring water -and hope- to children like Ashanti today. ...
Rihanna's Can-Do Adventures
20.83 20.83 20.830000000000002 USD
After the Ark
27.85 27.85 27.85 USD
Gabe Goes to Church!
21.43 21.43 21.43 USD
The Last Hula Hoop Repairman
22.72 22.72 22.72 USD
Cody's Baptism
17.72 17.72 17.72 USD
A Far and Distant Cry
25.46 25.46 25.46 USD
Lady Alix Oliver, 16, stares in horror. She and her brother William, 14, are trapped in Trowleigh castle. They are being held hostage by a horde of Danish mercenaries ordered there by Prince John. The children's father, Baron Justin Oliver, cannot help. He has suddenly gone missing in the Third Crusade. King Richard, the Lionheart, a close friend of the Olivers, cannot help either. He has been imprisoned in Germany, and an impossible ransom demanded for his release. Meanwhile, Prince John, the king's ruthless younger brother, sees a rare chance. Not only can he now steal the throne, he can plot with the king of France to keep Richard in prison indefinitely. In all the chaos, John will get even at last with the man he feels humiliated him long ago: Lord Oliver. The baron is out of reach, but the Prince is more than happy to turn all the vengeance his wicked soul can devise upon Alix and William. Brother and sister must escape to Normandy, but who would dare help them if it meant incurring the wrath of the most vicious and powerful man in the kingdom? Treachery, betrayal, faith and courage in the Age of Chivalry and Romance. Fans of Ken Follett's Kingsbridge novels will enjoy this series set in the same period: for Christian readers 13 and up (G-rated). ...
32.18 32.18 32.18 USD
What do you HOPE for your children? Do you hope for them to be kind? To be strong and brave? To be happy and grateful? To be curious and wise? To feel loved and secure? HOPE is a beautiful, inspirational book that explores these traits, and values, that parents hope that their children will embrace. Sweet rhyming text, and gorgeous, captivating illustrations, show heartwarming glimpses of real-life situations. Diverse children fill the pages, as they react and respond to the challenges and emotions of everyday living. This book exudes positivity and mindfulness, as the kids make choices for themselves, and show acts of compassion that affect others. HOPE is a story of optimism, which is the key to success in life. Even when times are tough, these kids find their inner strength and resilience, to help them experience joy, love, confidence, courage, and peace. They notice the beauty and wonder around them, and the importance of feeling grateful and blessed. This charming book celebrates true friendship, as these children show amazing empathy for each other. They realize they have the power to make themselves happy, to find their light, and to share it with others. Readers will love the spirit of inclusiveness, and the loving energy in HOPE. This TIMELESS story promotes encouragement, the belief in limitless potential, finding one's passion, and following dreams. It shows that children are important, and what they do, matters. Life can be hard, and parents everywhere, have similar hopes, dreams, and wishes for their children. They want them to be happy, healthy, wise, honest, kind, confident, and responsible. Parents and their kids will relate to this story, and they can discuss the awesome life lessons that are shown. This beautiful, uplifting story will inspire children to persevere, and find the bright side of situations. It will motivate them to have courage to make good choices, and to show kindness toward others. This delightful book can empower kids to believe in themselves, to help change the world, and to always have HOPE! HOPE is the perfect picture book for children, ages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. It will make a wonderful bedtime or anytime story! This book is great for classrooms, too! Teachers can use it with their students, in preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, and up. It is a nice gift for baby showers, birthdays, graduations, and more. HOPE is the sixth children's book by author Kealy Connor Lonning, and it was inspired by her six children. Order your copy today, to INSPIRE a special child in your life! ...
Found Somewhere
43.14 43.14 43.14 USD
The Three Little Boys
19.13 19.13 19.13 USD
Who Needs You : Teaching Children Their Purpose
21.04 21.04 21.04 USD
Teaching Children Their Purpose. A bunch of kids, playing in a tree, Just a few of my friends and little old me! Until Zaidy comes by with something to say, words to remember every day! ...
The Love of a Christmas Miracle
23.20 23.20 23.2 USD
No era cuento
22.18 22.18 22.18 USD
Green Bean's Got Talent
31.52 31.52 31.52 USD
Los Angeles a Nuestro Alrededor
20.72 20.72 20.72 USD
The Tempting : Millennial Period Christian Fantasy
23.02 23.02 23.02 USD
Sometimes the afterlife sucks...At least it does when you're in charge of those who refuse to follow orders.Allie certainly has her hands full.An unruly team of Remnants...A man who keeps her teeth grinding and hormones raging...A pet bobcat who can't keep her nose out of Allie's business...And angel warriors who insist on doing things their own way.Allie isn't really sure she and the other Remnants are ready to take the prince of darkness on while he roams about tempting the world to follow him......but they don't have a choice.He's coming. The Releasing has happened. The suck is about to get a whole lot suckier.How in the world is Allie going to survive?Christians who enjoy Fantasy will adore this tale of good vs. evil, because it has just the right amount of humor, epic battles, and a hint of romance to make you keep turning the pages.Get it now. ...
Spirit Walking
17.57 17.57 17.57 USD
Fruits of the Spirit, The
30.06 30.06 30.060000000000002 USD
This thrilling Adventures in Odyssey compilation album is about the fruits of the Spirit. All nine biblical values from Galatians 5 are included. Love, the first and most multifaceted fruit of the Spirit, has four episodes dedicated to it. Then each of the remaining fruits of the Spirit each have their own episode. These are well-loved episodes and great for teaching children life-giving principles in an entertaining way. Episode ListLove: "Greater Love" / "Wooton Knows Best" / "The Amazing Loser" / "The Greatest of These . . ."Joy: "Count It All Joy"Peace: "Peacemaker"Patience: "Do, for a Change"Kindness: "You're Two Kind"Goodness: "When Bad Isn't So Good"Faithfulness: "Harlow Doyle, Private Eye"Gentleness: "Tuesdays with Wooton"Self-Control: "Anger Mismanagement" TRT 4:54 ...
Tears of a Dragon
41.71 41.71 41.71 USD
"Bryan Davis writes with the scope of Tolkien, the focus of Lewis, the grandeur of Verne, and most of all the heart of Christ." --Jeremiah F., reader Billy and Bonnie won the battle but how will they win the war? Billy and Bonnie's hard-won victory in Circles of Seven came at a great cost as a vicious evil was unleashed on the earth. With Billy's father missing, Billy and Bonnie must lead the dragons into war against the demonic beings known as Watchers. But in order to win the war, an ultimate sacrifice must be made, and Billy and Bonnie will be forced to make the greatest decision of their lives--a choice that will change their world forever. The fourth and final installment in the Dragons in our Midst series will leave you cheering, crying, and wishing for more adventures with these two friends. ...
The Highest Monarch
20.21 20.21 20.21 USD
Slate Creek, Love Garden
26.63 26.63 26.63 USD