Solar Energy : Putting the Sun to Work
40.42 40.42 40.42 USD
We use energy every day. It lets us cook food, drive cars, and so much more. But where does energy come from? Solar energy comes from the sun's light. Kids will read this book to learn how sunlight is collected and turned into heat and power. Applied to STEM Concepts of Learning Principles. Super Sandcastle is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO. ...
Emotional Explorers: A Creative Approach to Managing Emotions
33.08 33.08 33.08 USD
An activity book for teachers and parents that helps kids discover their emotional lives! What corners of planet Earth have you explored? What parts of your inner planet have you gotten to know? Are there parts you haven't visited? Excursions into the desert, jungle, and other real-life landscapes become exercises in self-knowledge in this revolutionary approach to teaching kids emotional and ecological health. Through collage art, group activities, stories, and questions for reflection, children will learn how to explore and take risks; how to name and banish their dragons; how to set, maintain, and respect boundaries; and to experience how the unjust distribution of Earth's resources affects other living things. To embark on this voyage, children must have suitable "luggage" and hunt for treasures and find them. Teachers and parents will have fun helping kids discover and nurture the rich diversity and connectivity of their inner and outer worlds. ...
Toxic Terror!
29.27 29.27 29.27 USD
Nuclear Nightmare!
28.06 28.06 28.060000000000002 USD
Fossil Fuels
19.80 19.80 19.8 USD
Climate Change Eco Facts
17.57 17.57 17.57 USD
Climate change is reshaping the planet before our eyes. From melting ice caps and rising sea levels to drought and destructive hurricanes, no corner of Earth is protected from the effects of global warming. Discover the facts about what climate change is doing-and will continue to do-to our planet, and how we might reduce its impact. ...
Under the Lilacs
29.89 29.89 29.89 USD
From Ezra Jack Keats honor winner E.B. Goodale comes a celebration of nature, family, and building our own hands-on adventures - perfect for any reader who has ever craved a bit of independence... In this lush and playful picture book from E.B. Goodale, illustrator of Windows, Kate feels ignored by her mother and sister and so decides to run away. In a neighbouring yard, she builds a fort and enjoys a sense of independence - until she finds herself making room for her family in her new home... Under the Lilacs is the perfect celebration of striking out on your own - while still making room for everyone. AGES: 4 to 7 AUTHOR: E.B. Goodale is the illustrator of Windows and Here and Now, written by Julia Denos, A Most Unusual Day, written by Sydra Mallery, and Richard Jackson's forthcoming A Kiss for Akaraka. ...
Watch Out, World--Rosy Cole Is Going Green!
31.14 31.14 31.14 USD
Rosy Cole is thrilled when Mrs. Oliphant selects her idea, "Nature's Gifts," as one of the themes for the school's fall fair. Rosy's team will be gathering rocks, shells, and sea-glass, and with a little bit of paint, they'll turn natural history into works of art. Now that's what Rosy calls imagination!But Rosy's imagination gets the better of her when she decides to babysit a friend' composting worms. With thousands of wigglers to take care of, things get more than a little messy. How will Rosy ever get out of this one?"Watch Out, World--Rosy Cole is Going Green" is a 2011 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year. ...
Lady Bird Johnson, That's Who! : The Story of a Cleaner and Greener America
34.57 34.57 34.57 USD
Lady Bird Johnson, That's Who! is Tracy Nelson Maurer's lively picture book biography of Lady Bird Johnson, with a focus on her environmentalist passion and legacy as First Lady. Who fought to stop pollution? Who helped make America cleaner and greener? Lady Bird Johnson, That's Who! Claudia Alta Taylor was a lonely girl, shy as a butterfly growing up in Texas. She never dreamed she'd blossom into a visionary leader whose love for wildflowers, beautiful landscapes, and building community compelled her to lead the effort to combat pollution in the United States. A lifelong environmentalist, Lady Bird Johnson embraced her platform as First Lady to promote policy that beautified America's roadways, waterways and parks, inspiring people to take pride in the places they live. With elements of women's history, civics, and conservationism, this is a timely and informative picture book biography. ...
Snow Leopards and Other Wild Cats
26.74 26.74 26.740000000000002 USD
Track the facts about snow leopards and other amazing wild cats in this nonfiction companion to the bestselling Magic Tree House series! When Jack and Annie came back from their adventure in Magic Tree House #36: Sunlight on the Snow Leopard, they had lots of questions. Where do snow leopards live? Why are they endangered? Which wild cat has the longest fangs? How do lions hunt? Find out the answers to these questions and more as Jack and Annie track the facts about snow leopards and wild cats from all over the world. Filled with up-to-date information, photographs, illustrations, and fun tidbits from Jack and Annie, the Fact Trackers are the perfect way for kids to find out more about the topics they discover in their favorite Magic Tree House adventures. Did you know that there's a Magic Tree House book for every kid? Magic Tree House: Adventures with Jack and Annie, perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books Merlin Missions: More challenging adventures for the experienced reader Fact Trackers: Nonfiction companions to your favorite Magic Tree House adventures ...
Q & A about Earth
20.68 20.68 20.68 USD
It is the third planet from the sun and the cradle of humanity. Earth might be a mere speck in the universe, but our remarkable planet is capable of sustaining billions upon billions of life-forms. Readers will explore our extraordinary planet in this incredible guide to all things Earth! Accessible language breaks down complex concepts into manageable chunks of information, and an innovative Q and A structure allows readers to absorb a plethora of fascinating facts. Even reluctant readers will find this unique format and the dazzling illustrations engaging. Full of important science topics and playfully designed, this versatile book will be a valuable addition to any library and classroom. ...
How To Protect Endangered Animals - Animal Book Age 10 Children's Animal Books
19.90 19.90 19.900000000000002 USD
Endangered animals need everyone's help - regardless of age, gender, race and social status. The first step to protecting endangered animals is to educate the young. The purpose is to make children become aware of what endangered animals are, where they can be found and what can be done to save them. Read this book with your 10-year-old today! ...
Are We Pears Yet?
31.34 31.34 31.34 USD
Two seeds can't wait to be pears, but growing takes time and patience in this funny and informative picture book from Miranda Paul, the author of Water is Water. "When will we be pears?" --"After we find soil." "Hooray! We are going to be pears! Are we pears yet?" --"No! Just be patient and wait." Written entirely in dialogue and staged as a play, Are We Pears Yet? is a clever and hilarious informational picture book that will make you look at growth cycles and fruit trees in a whole new way. Carin Berger's artfully composed collaged stage sets will delight and amaze you. ...
So Big! Yosemite
16.85 16.85 16.85 USD
This board book takes the youngest visitors on a tour of Yosemite National Park's BIG sights, including Yosemite Falls, Half Dome, El Capitan, and Tuolumne Meadows. Yosemite is a big place for little people, but with a whimsical bear and squirrel as their guides, children will feel right at home in their national park. ...
La Montana de Coral
36.04 36.04 36.04 USD
Roque is a mountain that dreams of seeing the ocean. She has never been able to see it with her own eyes--she can't move and it's not within her line of sight. She feels increasingly hopeless, but luckily, friends are always there to lift our spirits and Roque has many: the birds. This beautiful story shows us that many times, with help, nothing is impossible. ...
Storm on the Sea
11.47 11.47 11.47 USD
In the wake of great loss, Aisha has found comfort in sailing. And it seems the rest of her family has found comfort in pretending nothing's changed. Frustrated with their silence, Aisha escapes one night on her family's sail boat. Her brother, Sai, catches up to her, but before he can convince her to come back, a storm rolls in. Aisha and Sai must work through their feelings and trust in each other to survive the storm. ...
Girl Warriors : How 25 Young Activists Are Saving the Earth
26.87 26.87 26.87 USD
"It gives me true hope to read about the phenomenal young women of Girl Warriors. Their fierce commitment to the future of our precious planet is as inspiring as it is vital." --Kate Schatz, New York Times bestselling author of Rad American Women A-Z and Rad Women Worldwide 2021 Skipping Stones Honors Book in Nature and Ecology Girl Warriors: How 25 Young Activists Are Saving the Earth tells the stories of 25 climate leaders under age 25. They've led hundreds of thousands of people in climate strikes, founded non-profits, given TED talks, and sued their governments. These young eco-activists present a hopeful picture of the future of environmentalism These fearless girls and young women from all over the world are standing up to demand change when no one else is. ...
If Bees Disappeared
32.21 32.21 32.21 USD
These creatures are fluffy, sneaky, spikey, and . . . small, like the bee. Though bees are small, their importance is BIG. Today there are over 250,000 species of bees but all of them are in danger. Because of disease, pesticide exposure, lack of foraging habitats, and poor nutrition, entire honey bee hives are dying. What would happen if bees disappeared completely? Artist Lily Williams explores how such a loss would effect not just the bees' environment, but the world as a whole in this poignant, beautiful book about the importance of our most important bees. ...
The Very Thirsty Butterfly
42.74 42.74 42.74 USD
Zero Waste Kids
17.48 17.48 17.48 USD
Super Sons
24.25 24.25 24.25 USD
Groß genug, die Welt zu retten
34.38 34.38 34.38 USD
?como Es Tu Energia?
24.32 24.32 24.32 USD
Achtsamkeit für dich und mich
20.95 20.95 20.95 USD
Muumipeikko majakkasaarella : retki meriluontoon!
28.99 28.99 28.990000000000002 USD
Majakkasaaren luonto tutuksi Muumipeikon kanssa! Muumipeikko viettää 75-vuotisjuhlaansa suojelemalla korvaamattoman arvokasta saaristoluontoa. Muumipappa haaveilee saaresta, joka kartalla näyttää niin pieneltä, että Pikku Myy luulee sitä kärpäsen kakaksi! Mutta purjehdus majakkasaarelle viekin kokonaiseen uuteen maailmaan. Muumiperheen mukana tutustutaan saareen ja opitaan, miten yhteisestä meriluonnostamme voi nauttia samalla sitä vaalien. Meri ja saaristo ovat aina olleet muumitarinoiden olennainen osa. Muumipeikko majakkasaarella -kirja on mukana Moomin Charactersin ja John Nurmisen Säätiön toteuttamassa Muumin 75-vuotisjuhlavuoden Meidän meri -kampanjassa, jolla kerätään varoja Itämeren suojeluun. Riina ja Sami Kaarlan kuvittamat muumikirjat ovat saavuttaneet suuren suosion niin Suomessa kuin ympäri maailmaa. Lämpimän värikylläisin ja pehmeälinjaisin kuvin ne kunnioittavat Tove Janssonin tuotannon iloa, huumoria ja vastustamattoman positiivista filosofiaa. ...
Food Chain in a Desert
15.14 15.14 15.14 USD
The Great Big One
28.50 28.50 28.5 USD
Everyone in Clade City knows the Great Big One is coming--a tsunami guaranteed to decimate the West Coast and sink their small coastal town. If they manage to live that long. Nuclear strikes seem increasingly likely. Wildfires. Solar flares, and a growing chance of apocalyptic horsemen. So Griff and the Lost Coast Preppers will be ready. Canning. Stockpiling. Monitoring radio signals. To survive, one must expect the unexpected. But the songs catch Griff and even his twin Leo by surprise. What begins as a striking moment becomes a competition between Griff and Leo that divides the brothers: Griff toward music and Chastity, a striking new girl with an angelic voice; Leo toward his late-night prepping missions and stealing Chastity's attention away from Griff. But when a mission to track the source of the music alters the course of Griff's understanding of life, which will win out: hope or fear? ...
Winnie-the-Pooh: Helps the Bees!
14.92 14.92 14.92 USD
The Traveling Planet
19.12 19.12 19.12 USD
Four easy-to-read short novels present the irresistible series The Adventures of Cosmo - Our Hero of the Environment. Join Cosmo as he braves all kinds of perils to help save endangered creatures. And who better to act as their champion than a dodo who has faced extinction? Cosmo remembers a time when dodos lived happily on Earth. But with humans came their guns, and soon the only dodos left were Cosmo and two friends. Then comes the terrible day when Cosmo finds himself all alone, the last of the dodos. If he is to survive, he must leave the planet he loves. He is lucky to make a trusty friend in the form of an almost-human space robot, and, together, they set out across the universe to find other dodos. But soon they realize that many creatures, and even the planet Earth, need protection and care. The survival of all living things depends on it. In fast-paced text and eye-catching art, The Adventures of Cosmo encourages children to learn about their environment and the reason why it is important for them to protect it. ...
Eating Green
38.90 38.90 38.9 USD
Protecting the environment can be as simple as thinking more about the food you buy and where it comes from. In Eating Green, kids will discover what qualities make food eco-friendly and how they can join in the movement to make their planet greener. Along the way, young environmentalists will be introduced to important concepts such as sustainability, organic, free-range, and grass-fed. ...
Good Morning Little Polar Bear
29.21 29.21 29.21 USD
Rave reviews for this sweet good-morning picture book featuring 13 cuddly Arctic animal babies as they begin their day. Adorable illustration and cheery, rhyming text show children what it's like to wake up in the Arctic. Backmatter gives additional information on each animal featured! ...
Black Bear : North America's Bear
18.70 18.70 18.7 USD
This title features stunning full-colour photos and a lively text make for an intriguing introduction to these fascinating animals. Fact boxes present additional information, such as the controversy hibernation versus semi-hibernation and a look at racking individual animals. It includes full Colour Photographs and historical photographs from the archives of National and Yellowstone Park Services. ...
Orangutan Hats and Other Tools Animals Use
35.69 35.69 35.69 USD
Elephants that remove ticks with sticks? Otters that crack open their lunch with rocks? Crows that slide down a roof on a jar lid--over and over? Take a fascinating look at the use of tools by animals around the world. Move over, humans! We're not the only creatures who can invent and use tools to keep ourselves fed, warm, safe, healthy, comfortable--even entertained. Thanks to the careful observations of biologists working in the field, we now know that elephants use sunscreen, long-tailed macaques floss their teeth, assassin bugs use bait to lure their prey, orangutans make pillows, and crows will go sledding just for fun. Who's the clever one now, eh? Join writer Richard Haynes and illustrator Stephanie Laberis for a walk on the wild side and get ready to be astonished, delighted, and amused by this jam-packed exploration. Interested readers will find a map, an introduction, a glossary, an index, and a bibliography for further investigation. ...
Funny Butts, Freaky Beaks : And Other Incredible Creature Features
31.94 31.94 31.94 USD
A delightful compendium of all the most unusual and unexpected features in the animal kingdom, from puzzling toes to weird ears, and all the other body parts in between! The title of this book alone will draw in curious readers. However, the text and illustrations are quick to inform the reader that there is a reason for those funny butts, freaky beaks, and all the other strange features found on animals....The text could be read aloud for educators using it in their wildlife and animal curriculum as the illustrations and information would be a nice contribution....Recommended.--School Library Connection Discover why a firefly's bum glows, take a look at a saiga antelope's dangly nose, and marvel at a sun bear's super-long tongue. These creatures have strange features - but they all serve a very useful purpose! This charming and visually appealing book carries the underlying message that everybody and everything is strange and wonderful in its own way - difference should be celebrated! ...
All We Need
34.90 34.90 34.9 USD
For fans of All the World and Love, a poetic story that celebrates the littlest things we all need to be happy -- and the beauty of sharing with others when we have more to give. Each bustling day in our busy world, we can take a moment to appreciate the little things. From the simplest essentials like air and water to the wonderful warmth of family, friends, and neighbors, there is so much in life to be thankful for. Kathy Wolff's melodic verse and Margaux Meganck's lush and cozy city scenes follow three families through moments of daily discovery and joy, culminating in a celebration of community and giving. When we have all we need, plus a little to spare, the only need left . . . is to share. ...
X-Venture Xplorers: Kingdom of Animals #3 : Fish of Fury
27.96 27.96 27.96 USD
The X-Venture Explorers make a splash to find out who's really the king of the sea! When their relaxing sea vacation is interrupted, Jake, Sherry, Kwame and the rest of Dr. Darwin's X-Venture X-plorers head under the sea to find out all about creatures from the deep. And under the sea, sharks are king. But the sharks are not the apex predator they once were, illegal fishing is harming their lives and habitat. Learn about the various species of sharks, tooth by tooth, and find out who would win in a hypothetical battle between fishes, and who would end up as chum. Each comics chapter is followed by an informative prose chapter, filled with exciting facts and illustrations about the real-life creatures featured in the comics. ...
In Autumn
20.45 20.45 20.45 USD
Jaguar vs. Crocodile
37.88 37.88 37.88 USD
Ben Archer and the Cosmic Fall (The Alien Skill Series, Book 6)
31.73 31.73 31.73 USD
CAN A HUMAN BOY SAVE EARTH FROM AN ALIEN INVASION? Things are looking dire for Ben Archer. From his jail cell on an alien warship Ben watches, helpless, as the Toreq blast the Earth with droughts, floods and hurricanes. Ben's hopes of bringing balance back to the natural world are in shambles. His enemies accuse him of having misused his alien power and are only too happy to make him the scapegoat for humanity's wrongdoings. Only Mesmo could convince his people to stand down. But Mesmo has disappeared and Ben fears the worst. What can a thirteen-year-old-human boy do to save Earth? Can he regain his freedom and stop General Zoltar from executing his deep, dark secret - one that could doom them all? The Alien Skill Series is a science-fiction adventure series for teens. Readers who enjoy Percy Jackson or Crime Travelers will enjoy this fresh, age-appropriate story with a scifi twist the likes of A Wrinkle in Time and Animorphs. These middle-grade books have won the hearts of young and old alike, turning them into a best-selling, award-winning coming-of-age series filled with alien powers, hidden enemies and a thought-provoking glimpse into the way we treat our planet. ...
Planet Power: Explore the World's Renewable Energy
32.84 32.84 32.84 USD
Explore six renewable energy technologies that are used around the world! Accessible verse and lush illustrations introduce children to important information about how we can harness the planet's natural resources including wind, water and sun. Inset boxes define new words like "turbine," while extensive endnotes further explain the science behind each power source and the benefits of clean energy. Highlights the many ways in which countries around the world harness the power of natural resources to preserve our planet. Types of clean energy explored include: . Hydropower in Paraguay . Solar power in India . Wind power in China . Tidal power in the United States of America . Geothermal energy in Kenya . Wave power in Gibraltar AGES: 6 to 11 AUTHOR: An environmental geologist, nature lover, educator and climate journalist, Stacy Clark enjoys distilling science into lively rhymes for young readers. Annalisa Beghelli is a freelance illustrator and also the founder of FA131, a company which advises on engaging in social responsibility through picture books. SELLING POINTS: . Makes the science behind renewable technologies understandable to young readers. . Each clean energy source is presented in the context of a different country, illustrating that preserving the planet is a global effort. . Extensive endnotes with detailed diagrams explain the science behind each power source and the benefits of clean energy. ...
Incredible Insects: Atlas Moth
17.77 17.77 17.77 USD
Rick Nautilus - Alarm in der Delfin-Lagune
20.98 20.98 20.98 USD
Leinen los! Rick Nautilus ist der jüngste und coolste Abenteurer der Weltmeere – Band 3 der spannenden Serie vom Bestsellerautor von »Die ??? Kids«Rick, Ava und Emilio jagen durchs Wasser – so schnell war die Nautilus noch nie! Plötzlich tauchen zwei völlig verängstigte Delfine auf und führen die Freunde zu einer geheimnisvollen Insel. Wovor habe die Tiere solche Angst? Die drei Abenteurer begeben sich im Landesinneren auf Erkundungstour. Und stoßen auf eine Gefahr, mit der sie niemals gerechnet hätten … Mit ihrem phantastischen U-Boot sind Rick und seine Freunde, die Ozeanerin Ava und der Piratensohn Emilio, den unglaublichsten Geheimnissen der Ozeane auf der Spur. Lesespaß in Serie für alle Abenteurer, Wasserratten und Leichtmatrosen! Mit starken Bildern von Timo GrubingBereits erschienen in der Serie »Rick Nautilus«: Rick Nautilus – SOS aus der Tiefe (Band 1)Rick Nautilus – Gefangen auf der Eiseninsel (Band 2)In Kürze erscheinen: Rick Nautilus – Alarm in der Delfin-Lagune (Band 3)Rick Nautilus – Geisterschiff am Meeresgrund (Band 4)Weitere Bände in Vorbereitung ...
Rick Nautilus - Geisterschiff am Meeresgrund
20.94 20.94 20.94 USD
Leinen los! Rick Nautilus ist der jüngste und coolste Abenteurer der Weltmeere – Band 4 der spannenden Serie vom Bestsellerautor von »Die ??? Kids«Rätselhafte Zeichen führen Ava, Rick und Emilio an Bord der Nautilus tief hinab ins Meer. Ob ein sagenhafter Piratenschatz auf sie wartet? Tatsächlich stoßen die drei Freunde auf ein uraltes Geisterschiff! Doch als sie es erkunden wollen, werden sie in einen gefährlichen Strudel gerissen. Und was sie dann entdecken, hätten sie nie für möglich gehalten!Mit ihrem phantastischen U-Boot sind Rick und seine Freunde, die Ozeanerin Ava und der Piratensohn Emilio, den unglaublichsten Geheimnissen der Ozeane auf der Spur. Lesespaß in Serie für alle Abenteurer, Wasserratten und Leichtmatrosen! Mit starken Bildern von Timo GrubingBereits erschienen in der Serie »Rick Nautilus«: Rick Nautilus – SOS aus der Tiefe (Band 1)Rick Nautilus – Gefangen auf der Eiseninsel (Band 2)In Kürze erscheinen: Rick Nautilus – Alarm in der Delfin-Lagune (Band 3)Rick Nautilus – Geisterschiff am Meeresgrund (Band 4)Weitere Bände in Vorbereitung ...