Can't Stop the Revolution : Community Disorder and Social Ties in Post-Ferguson America

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Can't Stop the Revolution is a vivid participant ethnography conducted from inside of Ferguson protests as the Black Lives Matter movement catapulted onto the global stage. Sociologist Andrea S. Boyles offers an everyday montage of protests social ties and empowerment that coalesced to safeguard black lives while igniting unprecedented twenty-first-century resistance. Focusing on neighborhood crime prevention and contentious black citizen-police interactions in the context of preserving black lives this book examines how black citizens work to combat disorder crime and police conflict. Boyles offers an insider's analysis of cities like Ferguson where a climate of indifference leaves black neighborhoods vulnerable to conflict where black lives are seemingly expendable and where black citizens are held responsible for their own oppression. Can't Stop the Revolution serves as a reminder that community empowerment is still possible in neighborhoods experiencing police brutality and interpersonal violence. ...

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    Author: By (author)  Andrea S. Boyles
    Format: Paperback
    Language: English
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    "Andrea Boyles's three-year study captures poignant displays of commonly discounted resilience and determination that historically oppressed people equip themselves with to endure."--Rod K. Brunson Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Chair of Public Life Northeastern University School of Criminology and Criminal Justice "Gives us a deeper understanding of what happened in Ferguson and why it continues. This book is brilliantly written and inspires us all to work for change."--Amy A. Hunter St. Louis native and social justice speaker activist and creator of TED Talk "Lucky Zip Codes" ...

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    1. Between a rock and a hard place: the (re)construction of blackness and identity politics...

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    "Thank Dr. Andrea Boyles for humanizing and acknowledging the 'boots-on-the-ground' community leaders and protesters who in 2014 so righteously organized and vigorously mobilized fueling a contagious determination." * Contemporary Sociology * " Can't Stop the Revolution breaks out of the well tread genre of books about police violence and Black Lives Matter and moves into a very provocative discussion of the nature of social order for oppressed communities." * Ethnic and Racial Studies * "Boyles' account of post-Ferguson provides context with meticulous detail. . . . This book could serve as supplemental material for a graduate-level research methods course or graduate seminar courses focused on race and crime." * Criminal Justice......

    More Product Information 4: About Andrea S. Boyles
    Andrea S. Boyles is Associate Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies at Tulane University. She is a feminist race scholar and the author of Race Place and Suburban Policing: Too Close for Comfort. ...