1968 Mexico : Constellations of Freedom and Democracy

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Recognizing the fiftieth anniversary of the protests, strikes, and violent struggles that formed the political and cultural backdrop of 1968 across Europe, the United States, and Latin America, Susana Draper offers a nuanced perspective of the 1968 movement in Mexico. She challenges the dominant cultural narrative of the movement that has emphasized the importance of the October 2nd Tlatelolco Massacre and the responses of male student leaders. From marginal cinema collectives to women's cooperative experiments, Draper reveals new archives of revolutionary participation that provide insight into how 1968 and its many afterlives are understood in Mexico and beyond. By giving voice to Mexican Marxist philosophers, political prisoners, and women who participated in the movement, Draper counters the canonical memorialization of 1968 by illustrating how many diverse voices inspired alternative forms of political participation. Given the current rise of social movements around the globe, in 1968 Mexico Draper provides a new framework to understand the events of 1968 in order to rethink the everyday existential, political, and philosophical problems of the present. ...

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    Author: By (author)  Susana Draper
    Format: Paperback
    More Product Information 1: Table of contents
    Preface ix
    Acknowledgments xv
    Introduction. The Movement of 1968 1
    1. The Philosophical and Literary Configuration of '68: Jose Revueltas on Cognitive Democracy and Self-Management 35
    2. The Effects of '68 on Cinema: The Image as a Place of Political Intervention 91...

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    "Draper's study is probably of greatest interest to scholars of social studies and Mexican cultural studies. A thorough bibliography and an index enhance the text's scholarly utility. . . . Recommended. Advanced undergraduates and above." -- J. S. Bottaro * Choice * "The student of the 1968 events in Mexico will find Draper's framing of the movement instructive. . . . Draper refocuses attention on those whose participation in the protests had a profound effect on the way they perceived social justice, organizing, and their relationship to the state." -- Matthew Maletz * H-1960s, H-Net Reviews * "Mexico 1968 wants to redirect our thinking about the past away from the assessment of failures and successes in terms of causes and effects, and towards the spaces it opens up......

    More Product Information 3: About Susana Draper
    Susana Draper is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Princeton University and author of Afterlives of Confinement: Spatial Transitions in Postdictatorship Latin America. ...