100 Days of Cree

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As an Elder once said, "Learn one Cree word a day for 100 days, and emerge a different person." In 100 Days of Cree , Neal McLeod offers us a portal into another way of understanding the universe--and our place within it--while demonstrating why this funny, vibrant, and sometimes salacious language is "the sexiest of them all" (according to Tomson Highway). Based on a series of Facebook posts, the 100 short chapters or "days" in the book present a chain of related words, some dealing with the traditional--the buffalo hunt, the seasons--and others cheekily capturing the detritus of modern life--from Internet slang to Johnny Cash songs to Viagra. The result is both an introduction to the most widely spoken Indigenous language in Canada and the opportunity to see the world, and ourselves, in another way. ...

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    Author: By (author)  Neal McLeod , Contributions by  Arok Wolvengrey
    Format: Paperback
    Language: English
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    This informative and entertaining tribute to the richness of the Cree languages--inspired by a series of Facebook posts from McLeod--arrives at a critical juncture when the reclamation and celebration of Indigenous languages are becoming focal healing points for many First Nations communities... McLeod's thesis that the Internet will help preserve endangered languages is amply supported with this loving and timely collection.-- "100 Days of Cree" ...

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    From the James Smith Cree Nation in Saskatchewan and editor of Indigenous Poetics in Canada, Neal McLeod is a poet, painter, and educator. Arok Wolvengrey is Professor of Algonquian Languages and Linguistics at First Nations University of Canada in Regina. ...