100% Clean, Renewable Energy and Storage for Everything

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Numerous laws - including the Green New Deal - have been proposed or passed in cities, states, and countries to transition from fossil fuels to 100% clean, renewable energy in order to address climate change, air pollution, and energy insecurity. This textbook lays out the science, technology, economics, policy, and social aspects of such transitions. It discusses the renewable electricity and heat generating technologies needed; the electricity, heat, cold, and hydrogen storage technologies required; how to keep the electric power grid stable; and how to address non-energy sources of emissions. It discusses the history of the 100% Movement, which evolved from a collaboration among scientists, cultural leaders, business people, and community leaders. Finally, it discusses current progress in transitioning to 100% renewables, and the new policies needed to complete the transition. Online course supplements include lecture slides, answers to the end-of-chapter student exercises, and a list of extra resources. ...

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    Author: By (author)  Mark Z. Jacobson
    Format: Paperback
    Language: English
    More Product Information 1: Table of contents
    Preface; 1. What problems are we trying to solve?; 2. Wind-water-solar (WWS) and storage solution; 3. Technologies not needed or not helpful; 4. Electricity basics; 5. Photovoltaics and solar radiation; 6. Onshore and offshore wind energy; 7. Steps in developing 100 percent all-sector WWS and storage roadmaps; 8. Matching electricity, heat, cold, and hydrogen demand continuously with 100 percent WWS supply, storage, and demand response; 9. Evolution of the 100 percent movement and policies needed for a WWS solution; Glossary of acronyms; Acknowledgments; Appendix; References. ...

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    'A great book! Finally a textbook is available that clearly explains all aspects of a full supply of renewable energy. It shows why problems of air pollution and global warming can be solved by using renewable energies. It explains very clearly all aspects of a secure and climate-friendly full supply of renewable energies using comprehensive scientific facts and clear practical examples. It should be used as a standard textbook in all worldwide energy economics lectures worldwide! It is highly relevant not only for students but for all those interested in energy economics in times of unsolved challenges caused by climate change and pollution. A book that everyone should have read!' Professor Claudia Kemfert, German Institute for Economic Research 'Engineerin......

    More Product Information 3: About Mark Z. Jacobson
    Mark Z. Jacobson is Director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. He is also a Senior Fellow of the Woods Institute for the Environment and of the Precourt Institute for Energy. He received a B.S. in Civil Engineering, an A.B. in Economics, and an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Stanford in 1988. He received an M.S. and PhD in Atmospheric Sciences in 1991 and 1994, respectively, from UCLA and joined the faculty at Stanford in 1994. He has published three textbooks and over 160 peer-reviewed journal articles. He received the 2005 American Meteorological Society Henry G. Houghton Award and the 2013 American Geophysical Union Ascent Award for his work on......