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Who We Are

Sankofa Livity Bookstore is the World's Largest Black Owned Afrocentric Bookstore. We are a leading international books retailer offering specially selected afrocentric books displaying in 85 languages and 167 local currencies with free delivery worldwide to over 120 countries and no minimum spend.

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What Matters To Us

The Mission of Sankofa Livity Bookstore is to present an alternate source that provides missing information, so as to cross reference present mainstream narratives and we aim to be the #1 GLOBAL SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE AND INSPIRATION FOR EVERY JOURNEY TO SELF RELIANCE & SUSTAINABILITY.

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What We Do

As an important pillar in the conscious knowledge community, we pride in maintaining presence by providing a safe online space for like minds to meet on a regular. With this, we provide clarification of information among those who are interested in the Sankofa Livity Exclusive Membership Program (a transitional path to their best selves).

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How We Do It

Our Exclusive Membership Community offers 5% off on all orders, a book reading program, movie nights, visual learning explorations through art, as well as practical lectures and seminars that cover body and hair care, food and nutrition, mental health, diseases and herbal treatment, politics, and guidance for relationships, wealth building and repatriation.